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Web design & web development in the City of London



Our Web Design Services

Located in the City of London, Glide Digital is a web solutions provider offering web design and development services to clients ranging from small start-ups to large multi-national corporations.

We build and design accessible SEO compliant websites and blogs as well as content management systems and ecommerce solutions. We'll work closely with you to ensure the web design reflects the personality of your business as well as appealing to the broader image of your particular industry sector.

Built on a variety of platforms in a variety of languages for a diverse range of clients we specialise in contemporary yet functional, client-led, web solutions that are both user & Google-friendly.

Getting the social media and SEO right will be a key part of your business strategy so we will empower you with the wisdom we have earned over the years in these particular areas.

We also have a base in Oxford.

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3 Seconds to Engage

It is scientifically proven that a new visitor to your website takes just 3 seconds to decide whether to stay on a page or click away. So obviously first impressions count at this stage and design & layout plays a crucial role in this.

So before the user has even digested your carefully crafted content they'll be establishing first and foremost whether they're in the right place, the nature of what you do and whether they trust what they see. If you've got this far then we have at least achieved this first goal.

You should be aiming for a bold strapline in the user's direct line of sight, a list of services offered and the benefits associated with those services woven into prominent calls to action.

Once you've got your vistor's attention you'd then be aiming to engage them with your compelling content and ultimately drive them to contacting you. Not only will this contribute to your overall traffic, conversions and repeat vists but Google will be taking all of this into account which will ultimately reinforce your page ranking.

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