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    JobBoard Scheduler

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    • Customer:CUTCNC
    • Date:9 February 2017

    Core site for CUTCNC the London based routing and cutting company.

    Technology: Bespoke WordPress, jQuery

    JobBoard Scheduler
    The client needed to re-structure and improve their internal workflow systems across their businesses. We felt a centralised app would be the best solution to improve project visibly and communication between departments including accounts, workshop floor, management and warehouse.

    The back-end integrates with the Xero API to determine recently won projects which are then immediately published to the app. Jobs can then be drag & dropped onto the scheduler for manufacturing on the workshop floor.

    This gives management a real-time snapshot of projects as they progress through the workshop allowing them to co-ordinate and prioritise resources accordingly. Once projects are completed they are pushed to the warehouse app for shipment.

    Prior to the app CUTCNC were using a physical whiteboard solution to track projects so the multi-platform application has massively improved productivity and enhanced communication within the business.

    Technology: C#, Xero API, MS SQL, SSIS, .NET Framework, Telerik UI, AJAX

    Bespoke Warehousing Application
    The console that ships with the Homag woodStore application proved relatively cumbersome for fetching panels especially for the more repetitive requests so we were tasked with building an application that would allow staff to quickly select the quantity & type of panel for fetching.

    Technology: C#, MS SQL, .NET Framework