Xero Integrations

    Global Health Tests Ltd

    Global Health Tests Ltd have conducted hundreds of thousands of health & wellbeing, sensitivity, allergy, biofeedback and bio-resonance tests for patients around the world.

    Worldwide coverage includes UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong and Germany.

    Our middleware application acts as API bridge between the Xero API and WooCommerce API rendering website orders as invoices within Xero. The bridge services sales & subscriptions across their suite of over 30 Woo sites (including multi-site & and stand-alone instances). Such is the rate of sales and continuing growth the application is constantly pushing against the permitted limits of the Xero API requiring clustered calls & built-in logic to ride the rate limit.



    Global Health Test Ltd


    B2B application and accompanying website developed to facilitate seamless synchronization of WooCommerce invoices with Xero.



    Xelation homepage

    Accounts mapping page for mapping Sales, Shipping, Payment & Fees accounts:

    Xelation - Accounts mapping page


    Seamless B2B integration for a Currency Exchange where the client needed to generate P&L & Balance Sheet reports in both graphical and spreadhseet format in order to quickly establish eligibility for businesses seeking loans.


    Convertibill - Finance Dashboard

    AR18 – JobBoard Scheduler

    The client needed to re-structure and improve their internal workflow systems across their businesses. We felt a centralised app would be the best solution to improve project visibly and communication between departments including accounts, workshop floor, management and warehouse.

    The back-end integrates with the Xero API to determine recently won projects which are then immediately published to the app. Jobs can then be drag & dropped onto the scheduler for manufacturing on the workshop floor.

    This gives management a real-time snapshot of projects as they progress through the workshop allowing them to co-ordinate and prioritise resources accordingly. Once projects are completed they are pushed to the warehouse app for shipment.

    Prior to the app AR18 were using a physical whiteboard solution to track projects so the multi-platform application has massively improved productivity and enhanced communication within the business.


    JobBoard Scheduler

    JobBoard Scheduler color palette

    Debit Alliance

    Seamless B2B integration for automating collection of BACs payments between Xero and Debit Alliance.

    Accounts mapping page for mapping Payment account and Branding Theme:

    Debit Alliance settings page